I first started listening to podcasts 3 years ago and ever since then I don’t think my car has ever heard AM/FM. If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon or maybe you’re looking for some new casts’ to throw in the rotation give these a try. I’ve included some of my favorite non-tech podcasts and some favorite episodes that I think my fellow nerds might enjoy below.

99% Invisible


99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about

This is one of my all time favorites. If you’re fascinated by exquisitely crafted stories about some of the unique buildings, products, toys, and art of our time then this show is for you. After listening to this show I found myself looking at objects in my everyday life in a new light. I also now follow the show’s mantra, “Always read the plaque!”

Song Exploder


Where musicians take apart their songs

If you’ve ever stolen music at any point in your life (everyone) then this podcast will make you feel really guilty. This podcast takes one song each episode and deconstructs the songwriting process from the artist’s point of view. I’m amazed at just how much goes into creating music. The podcast does a really good job of picking a variety of artists and musical genres for each episode.



Where sound illuminates ideas

Hands down, this podcast does one of the best jobs of telling stories in any form of media I’ve found. They do tend to have a scientific lean to their stories which should appeal to the inner nerd in all of us. They’ve been able to invoke the entire range of human emotions in their episodes which I love. No two shows are the same.